Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education

ACGME is the body that accredits every medical school in the U.S. and it sets educational standards for each medical specialty. It is important work and their website is a vital communication channel for disseminating the standards. For over 5 years, BlueBolt has been the ACGME's web partner, ensuring that the site serves as an elegant extension of their communication process.

BlueBolt was initially engaged to act strictly in a consulting capacity due to our status as a DNN Gold Partner. The relationship quickly evolved as BlueBolt proved to be a vendor that could be trusted to deliver critical initiatives on time and on budget. Since that initial project, the relationship has only gotten stronger as BlueBolt has been chosen again and again to be the web partner on high profile engagements, including UX enhancement engagements, enterprise site search implementations, and the design and implementation of sister sites.

The partnership with the ACGME has been a critical component of BlueBolt's plan to provide state of the art digital services to medical societies and organizations, providing insight into the needs and missions of this customer segment.

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