Big Data

Big Data
The Role of Auto-Classification in Enterprise Search

Auto-classification has the potential to revolutionize the way users within a network search for data. However, understanding the role machine learning plays in enterprise search is necessary before implementing any changes.

Predictions for the Direction of Enterprise Search in Membership Associations

Based on the current technology and the features most requested, this blog post explores some of the most likely predictions for the direction of enterprise search in membership associations. 

How Personalizing The Enterprise Search Experience Can Increase Performance
Search personalization is one of the latest methods for improving search results. Now used within search engines, it is a tool companies need to implement in order to boost productivity by reducing search times while providing higher quality results.
What Is Cognitive Search and Why is it Important for Searching an Enterprise?
Maintaining a comprehensive method of search within an enterprise network ensures swift responses to queries throughout the company. This blog post discusses new technologies used to search within an enterprise in order to access as much information as effectively as possible.
The Top Challenges with Migrating From Google Search Appliance

Support will last for Google Search Appliance through 2019, but now is the time to start looking at platforms and methods for migrating from the Appliance.

How Federated Search Creates Value for Enterprise Search

Quickly finding files in any office setting is critical to productivity. Federated search can help increase productivity and minimize confusion by joining information from multiple data sources into one enterprise search.

What is Enterprise Search?

As a business grows, so to does the amount of data it generates. The influx of newly generated data can make it a challenge to locate specific information quickly. With the help of enterprise searches, it is possible to quickly scan through all of the files within one or more databases, which boosts productivity while saving time for everyone who uses the enterprise search feature.