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DotNetNuke provides us with a simple Breadcrumb Skin Object that we can include in our skins for custom website design. Unfortunately, it is somewhat limited and sometimes just doesn't cut it.

One of its quirks is that the last Breadcrumb item (the page you are currently on) displays as a link... Why would you ever want a link to the page you are currently on???  Anyway, this lead me to take the DNN Skin Object and customize it to my liking.

The first thing I did was to have the last item in the Breadcrumb display as simple text. In addition, I also added the option to exclude the last item (current page) completely.


Download the Skin Object files


Extract and Upload files to your DNN installation

You will need to download and extract the BBSkins folder to the {root}/admin/ folder.
Note: We could just replace the Breadcrumb Skin Object files but any future DNN upgrade will overwrite it.

Update your Skin files

Update the Breadcrumb Skin Object Registration Header in your skin files. To do this, edit the Src attribute of the Registration Header to reflect the path of the new Skin Object Files.
<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn" TagName="BREADCRUMB" Src="~/Admin/Skins/BreadCrumb.ascx" %>
will become
<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn" TagName="BREADCRUMB" Src="~/Admin/BBSkins/BreadCrumb.ascx" %>

How to Exclude the last item in the Breadcrumb

If you want to exclude the the last item of the Breadcrumb add the attribute hideLastItem="True" to the Breadcrumb Ascx Control.
<dnn:BREADCRUMB runat="server" id="dnnBREADCRUMB" hideLastItem="True" />
All of the out-of-the-box DNN attributes (Separator, CssClass, RootLevel, UseTitle) will still work just fine. For more details click here.

DotNetNuke Development

DNN provides tools for powerful website development and design. This is one of many features that I've customized in DNN for my own web development purposes. 

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