BlueBolt has spent a great deal of time building an expertise in enterprise search. Multiple members of the team regularly speak at conferences and events on best practices for enterprise search and about how to run a proper enterprise search project. Enterprise search has a huge effect on customer engagement, conversion, and satisfaction. Investing in proper site search and enterprise search that allows the visitor to easily find what they are looking for can drive customer service costs down through case/ticket deflection and increase revenue through improved conversion rates.

BlueBolt currently has worked with multiple enterprise search solution vendor partners. These include the following:

BlueBolt's process can handle all areas of and enterprise search project from the very beginning strategy components where the taxonomy and language need to be discussed and thought-through to the final implementation and delivery of the search results as well as post-launch support for tuning and optimization.

Taxonomy Analysis and Development

Taxonomy analysis and development includes the steps to understand what is important for enterprise search to be successful, what are the goals, what processes need to be put in place to create and manage the taxonomies, and identifying all of the stakeholders that need to be involved. This taxonomy work also includes a content audit and inventory and development of a taxonomy roadmap as well as creation of specification document. 

User Experience (UX) / User Interface

The next step is to understand what the end user (website visitor) will see when interacting with the search tools provided. This effort also includes discussing and finalizing what tools will be included such as facets, filters, sorting, etc. During the user experience portion of the project, a prototype is typically built using a wireframing-type product where the project team can experience what an end user will experience to get an idea of what the end product will look and feel like. If the project includes usability testing, then this step would happen within this section of the project. An iterative process is used to get to a wireframe and prototype that the client agrees to and officially approves. This prototype is then used as the starting point and guidelines for implementation team, as well as any specification documentation such as database integration information.

Implementation and Integration

Implementation includes all of the steps after the specification is complete all the way to delivery. In this section, all the database(s) activity will occur (called collectors), indexes will be specified, and search results templates will be created. All tools agreed upon will be created as well within the implementation phase, such as facets and sorting functions. One of the last pieces of the implementation process will be quality assurance (and user testing) in a staging or development environment in order to make sure that the project is ready to be delivered. After Quality approves that the project is meeting the goals of the project with appropriate search results, the final step of delivery to the production environment is finished.

Ongoing Enterprise Search Consulting for Tuning and Optimization

Enterprise search is a continual process rather than an end state. Because there is additional data coming in all the time (new content) and typically new data sources as well, there is a need for ongoing and consistent checks for valid searches and tuning of the search engine for optimizing the results. BlueBolt provides these services as needed for clients that do not have the skills or available resources to do them internally.

Search features/functionality that BlueBolt has expertise in implementing:

  • Customized Result Templates
  • Search Metrics
  • Customized Index Schema
  • Custom Faceting & Filtering
  • Federated Search Results (combining multiple sites and content sources into a single search interface)
  • Did You Mean / Suggested Terms
  • Type-Ahead Search Box
  • Document Search
  • Media Search (video, images, slide decks)
  • Product Search
  • Scalable via Sharding
  • Synonym Management
  • And many, many more...