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How do I drive more traffic to my website? Your website has the potential to bring you a lot of business. Never before was it possible to reach so many people so inexpensively. Driving more traffic to your website probably means driving more revenue to your business. Here are several easy ways to increase website traffic.


 Build a company blog that is updated regularly and filled with useful, keyword rich content. Link to other pages on your website within your blog posts. Your blog should help your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) by using keywords that your buyers use in search engines.

Write content that is focused on things your buyers want to learn rather than about the products and services you want to sell them. Teach them something. Offer a solution to their problem. They don’t want to read your sales pitch - they want valuable information.
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Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

 Place ads on top of and next to Google search results. Any given search ad may cost as little as a few cents for every person that clicks on it, up and beyond $10 per click. Typically an average keyword will cost a few dollars per click. Essentially with PPC Ads you are buying traffic for keywords that you aren’t getting enough organic traffic from. Manage your campaigns and control exactly how much money you spend on advertising. If your monthly budget is $300, AdWords allows you to limit how much you spend to exactly that. 

Tools provided by AdWords can be incredibly effective in helping you determine which keywords your customers search for. The keyword analysis tool lets you type in any keyword and then tells you how many global and local monthly searches are made using that keyword (see image below). Use this tool to determine which type of keywords and ads will drive the most traffic to your website.

Target exact locations and audiences using adwords extensions. 

Already have someone managing your AdWords accounts? Know what to expect from an SEO / PPC agency.

Social Media.

Build a strong online social media presence. Become an active member of social media accounts that are relevant to your business. Use this to get involved in your business communities. Give your customers the opportunity to communicate with you via social media. Provide customer support through social media. 

Link to content from your website in your social media posts to drive clicks and traffic to your website. 

  • Twitter - A quick way to interact and share valuable information within your business community. Tweet links to your blog posts. Tweet links to others’ blog posts. Tweet pictures, videos, etc. Twitter is a great way to push traffic to your website and to exchange information within your community. Manage your tweets/schedule tweets and understand the impact of your tweeting using free websites like 

  • Facebook - A hub spot for your business. With over 900 million active global users, your business should not miss out on the easy, free communication offered by Facebook. If your business has enough money in its advertising/marketing budget, consider Facebook ads. Post events, offers, promotions, etc. Facebook is great for B2C because your customers can come directly to your Facebook page for promotions and information. As for B2B, Facebook tends to be a less relevant medium.

  • Pinterest - Good for image based websites. Designers, event planners, jewelry stores, etc. can greatly benefit from the sharing power provided on Pinterest. Your business can pass along your own content as well as share useful content from other locations with your Pinterest followers. 

  • LinkedIn - Connect with other professionals and members of your professional network. Join groups that are relative to your business and have yet another social medium to share content. LinkedIn is not a good place to try and sell your products. Rather, it is a place to exchange valuable information with other professional members of your community. Read more on how to LinkedIn for biz dev.  

Are you doing all of the above and not seeing results? If you are driving people to your website and it is poorly designed, structured or malfunctioning then all of your hard work may be in vain. Contact BlueBolt for website development and all of the above online marketing services.