Illinois Route 66

Illinois Route 66

The Need

Illinois Route 66 came to BlueBolt because they simply needed a website development partner they could trust.  Yes, they needed a redesign, but their previous website developer was clearly not in good favor, and BlueBolt was highly recommended to help through a dilemma.

The Solution

Recognizing the problem at hand, BlueBolt worked with IL Route 66 to define their project entirely, in order to assure the site would be designed and developed to specification.  The current site is still in staging (see link attached), but has drawn excellent reviews in front of an imminent launch.

The Technology

Operating System: Windows Server 2008
Web Server: IIS 7.0
CMS: DNN Evoq Content
Modules: PackFlash Constellation Suite of Integrated DNN Modules
Database: MSSQL Server 2008

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