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We all know that redesigning your website can have a considerable impact on your budget.  But a poorly designed and/or malfunctioning website has the power to drive traffic away from your business.  This can be even more costly than hiring a web development agency to come in and fix the problem. 

If you have Google Analytics or other web analytics software on your website, take a look at your Bounce Rate to see how many people are coming to your site and leaving without taking any other action. If this number is over 50%, you may want to consider making some changes. 

Custom web development services are arguably the most justifiable cost to your business this day in age.  The first impression a potential customer has of your business is probably going to be your website...not your smiling face or an elegantly designed office space.  Before any potential customer attempts to contact you to purchase your products and services, they are going to visit your website.

The process for successful web development projects starts with a basic understanding of what your customers are looking for when visiting your site.  Knowing what your customers want helps you to create powerful strategies for building and maintaining relationships with them.  Help them choose you over the competition and keep them coming back.

Take BlueBolt client Mark Shale for example.  Mark Shale had been maintaining an eCommerce site until they realized that their customers preferred to purchase their clothes in stores, though they did like to browse for items online.  eCommerce wasn’t wasn’t the right solution for them, but a functional and aesthetically appealing Mark Shale online look book was priority. 

BlueBolt created an easy to use, visually engaging online catalog for the Mark Shale website.  The Constellation Content Management System (CMS) was also implemented by BlueBolt, allowing Mark Shale to easily manage, update and change the look of content on their site with minimal technical knowledge. 

A lot of business’ see their websites going through a sort of midlife crisis right now.  If your site has been around for a while (and hasn’t had a makeover), it might be experiencing this crisis and it probably needs some updating.  Outdated websites stand out, in a bad way.  Decide if it is the right time to redesign.

Search engine optimization solutions (SEO) will help your site appear closer to the top of google, bing, and yahoo searches.  This helps the right customers find your business.  If your site is well designed AND has awesome SEO, customers will:

1. Find your site first (ahead of your competition). 

2. Be able to navigate through your site more effectively and not "bounce" right away.

Website maintenance services provide technical upkeep and continual content creation.  Sourcing this kind of work out to an agency gives your employees more time to focus on business.  Content that makes your site easier to find on the web is KEY.  This means content that is applicable to your business, content that is SEO friendly (inbound links, keywords, title descriptions, etc.)  and content that is USEFUL to your audience. 

According to an article in Forbes, you can judge a company by its bad website.  Don’t let your first business impression be the last.