Marketing Automation Consulting and Implementation Services

As digital business has evolved and the internet has grown, one of the biggest areas of change and growth has been the emerging software and processes around marketing automation. The goal of marketing automation is to help streamline, automate and measure processes within the marketing department that are either very time-intensive to do manually or nearly impossible because of all of the individual actions that need to be taken with specific timing. For instance, someone would have to be ready at the moment that a user/visitor takes a specific action like filling out a form on the website in order to send an email at the right time. Marketing automation is an extension of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and the associated processes and should be tightly integrated with CRM as well as the website.

Some marketing automation software options include Hubspot, Marketo, Net-Results, Eloqua, Pardot, SharpSpring, and LeadSquared. 

Services Provided

BlueBolt provides a host of services centered around marketing automation. These services include the following areas:

Software Selection

BlueBolt will provide assistance and consulting to determine the pros and cons of each marketing automation solution while taking the client’s specific goals and needs into consideration. This will allow the best decision to be made on which software option to purchase.

Overall Implementation

BlueBolt provides consulting on the strategy for implementing the chosen marketing automation solution. We will create a project plan and action items to make sure it happens in a timely fashion.


BlueBolt helps companies integrate their marketing automation solutions with their websites, CRM, and any other necessary systems that will make data flow properly and provide efficiency gains.

Persona Development

BlueBolt will provide consulting to assist the client in establishing marketing personas which represent typical buyers of the company’s products and services. Personas should be developed for all the different buyers and influencers for all types of products and services. These personas are then used to help target marketing campaigns and content for the purposes of marketing.

Buyer Journey Creation

BlueBolt will assist the client to understand the process and steps that prospects go through on the way to making a decision to buy products and/or services like the ones that they sell. These buyer journeys are then used to create marketing funnels in order to understand how far through the process a prospect or lead is at any time as well as allowing for setting up reporting on the funnel including ROI reports.


BlueBolt can help clients figure out where it makes sense within their marketing messaging, websites, and emails to employ dynamic data for the purpose of personalizing the experience to improve customer satisfaction and, therefore, improve conversion rates. A simple example for a software company would be to offer an educational piece of content such as a whitepaper for a new visitor to the website, but offering a demo or trial of the software for a returning visitor.

Demand Generation

BlueBolt provides consulting on how to increase traffic and create demand for the client’s products and/or services. Demand generation consulting is a strategic in nature that and all-encompassing that takes the client’s overall business plans and goals into consideration. Demand generation typically will also touch on brand awareness, opportunity stages, lead scoring techniques to know when to send leads to sales, as well as inbound marketing tactics.

Form Creation

BlueBolt will create forms that website visitors will fill out and provide styling to make the forms look like they fit into the website’s overall design. Forms are used to create leads within the marketing automation solution.

Workflow Creation

BlueBolt provides strategic consulting for establishing workflows as well as implementing the workflows within the marketing automation software. Workflows are sequences and actions that are driven by triggered events. A simple example of a workflow is when a website visitor fills out a form to get access to a whitepaper, that lead is assigned to sales person and then an automated email is sent to thank the visitor for filling out the form and providing a link to the whitepaper.

Blast Email Campaigns

BlueBolt can not only assist in the strategy of what types of leads should be targeted for any particular campaign, but also the email components such as the subject line, the contents, design, timing, and measuring the effectiveness.

Lead Nurturing & Drip Campaigns

Lead nurturing is the process to nudge the leads along the buyer journey by providing sequential messages designed to continue to educate and entice to learn more about the company's products and/or services. BlueBolt provides consulting along the entire chain of these processes from determining strategy, overall messaging, as well as specific emails with the content and timing. This consulting may or may not include A/B testing or multi-variate testing on different variations of the emails.

Landing Page Optimization

BlueBolt provides consulting on how to optimize landing pages to improve conversions. This may or may not include doing A/B testing or multi-variate testing on different variations of the landing pages.

Content Marketing

BlueBolt provides consulting on what types of content might need to be created. Personas and the buyer journeys are heavily used to influence what content should be created.

Marketing Analytics

BlueBolt will assist the client to set up and understand how to measure and report on the marketing activities. This reporting could including measuring the return on investment for different types of campaigns and initiatives such as Adwords, social, and email marketing.


BlueBolt will provide training on all aspects of marketing automation to make sure that the client has as much understanding to run the software as they would need to in their everyday positions.