One of BlueBolt's core focuses since our inception in 2005, is helping professional membership associations implement technology. We are intimately familiar with many of the pains and challenges that come along with the dissemination of vast amounts of information in multiple formats across many disparate systems.  

Many organizations provide continuing education to their members and require sophisticated systems that track each member’s status. It's not uncommon that we come across scenarios that require integration into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, Learning Management System (LMS), or an Association Management System (AMS), as well as a website, Sharepoint site, online journal (such as Elsevier), and many more.  

Finding Relevant Content - Information Architecture and Site Search

Navigating volumes of content and finding what is relevant to an individual's needs is a challenge that many associations face on a regular basis. BlueBolt addresses these issues with carefully, well planned site and information architecture, as well as a powerful and flexible site search. At BlueBolt, we work with membership associations to think through their web presence and build a suitable taxonomical structure that will present information in a way that makes the most sense to their visitors. The very same taxonomy that is used to plan the structure of the content, is then carefully translated into a powerful search solution that allows for faceting, filtering, and weighting of results based on that very same structure. 

Single Sign-On

There is never one system that can do everything, unless you've built it yourself over many years and with great cost, so another monumental challenge most associations face is linking their multiple systems together, if for nothing more than to allow their members to log into each system with the same username and password (known as "single sign-on" or "SSO"). BlueBolt has solid experience getting systems to talk to one another. Whether it requires the use of an API, oAuth, SAML, Active Directory, or any other technology out there, we're confident in our ability to make them work together.  

BlueBolt also provides additional services for a membership associations. These include consultation and implementation of the following:   

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)  
  • Association Management Systems (AMS). 
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  
  • Mobile Content Repositories 
  • Marketing Automation Platforms 
  • Web Security