Marking Services, Inc.

Marking Services International (MSI) is the premier manufacturer of labeling and signage solutions for industrial facilities. When MSI approached BlueBolt they were in the market for much more than a B2B commerce web site: they needed a call center solution to allow their reps to quickly take orders and answer customer service inquiries. BlueBolt used the perfect tools for the job, implementing Episerver to handle the commerce, and integrating it with a custom "data mart" application designed for efficient call center operation.

In order to be successful in this engagement, BlueBolt undertook a deep discovery effort to gain an understanding of how MSI operates and distinguishes itself from the competition. This discovery effort was critical to providing systems that supported important business processes. Along the way, the engagement lead to the creation of algorithms for pricing, shipping method selection, and the manifestation of custom products within a hierarchy.

The successful launch of the e-commerce website and customer service portal lead to multiple product development and native application engagements.

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