Because BlueBolt specializes in technology efforts with Industrial Manufacturers, we support several platforms that offer Product Information Management [PIM] solutions. When a firm has to maintain product data for hundreds of thousands, or even millions of product sku’s in its database, proper implementation of a PIM may offer incredible efficiency as product marketing data is prepared to multiple channels, markets, and languages.

Product Management Efficiency Contributes to the Bottom Line

There are a number of reasons why any firm might choose to implement a PIM solution, but the key driver is the ability to administer product data. This is sometimes a difficult task for non-technical users, because ERP systems (which often as the main repository for Product Information) and e-commerce solutions usually offer only limited ability to bulk manage product attributes, variants, and other information that requires marketing personnel to be custodians of this content.

InRiver PIM Partner

InRiver PIM

BlueBolt's key platform partner in the world of PIM is InRiver. There are many PIM solutions to choose from: Informatica, Stibo, Salsify, Riversand, and many others that tend to swerve into the world of Master Data Management [MDM], like Tibco, SAP Netweaver, Pricedex, and IBM Infosphere. However, we have never been more impressed with a PIM solution than we have been with InRiver. It is a powerful and yet easy to use solution with both on-premise and hosted options. The sales and support staff are local to BlueBolt (in Chicago), and the service and support offered by InRiver has proven to be outstanding. Unfortunately, we have not seen the same with all the vendors we’ve considered as PIM partners, and we applaud InRiver for their outreach, their responsiveness to support issues, and their outstanding product offering.

Certified Consultants for PIM Implementation, Training, and Support

BlueBolt has a team of certified InRiver developers, business analysts, and Sales/Support Engineers. We are ready to help your organization improve its bottom line through the more efficient and effective management of product marketing data using PIM.