Building a digital infrastructure and business can be a daunting task, with many unknowns along the way. At BlueBolt, our first goal when undergoing any sort of digital transformation is to make sure that the we define the goals up front and then build the roadmap to achieve those goals. This can come in the form of a full digital strategy & roadmap, or can be on an individual implementation basis.

BlueBolt provides the following strategic services:

  • Roadmap Definition: when embarking on any sort of digital transformation, we want to understand what current state is, future goals are, and how do we bridge the gap to get there. And once we get the project going, what do the years beyond launch look like?

  • Technology Selection: whether it’s a new CMS, eCommerce platform, search solution, or 3rd party service, BlueBolt’s team helps our customers define requirements for the new technology, then leverage those requirements to select the technology that best fits the business. We take a holistic point of view to keep the big picture in mind and keep future needs in view.

  • Operational Strategy: As the business continues to grow, you’ll need the right team in place to support the growth. And this will involve changes to the underlying business processes that exist (or currently don’t). BlueBolt can help to define the roles, responsibilities, and processes to execute on the digital strategy.