TableToppers Linen Rentals

The Need

TableToppers is a premium provider of linen rentals for parties and occassional events. The company came to BlueBolt in need of a website solution that could present linens in relation to other linens, so that combinations of linens could be put into a collaborative swatch, and then sent to TableToppers for quote and presentation.

The Solution

BlueBolt was able to create a website that presented the TableToppers product as not only a marketing site, but as an interactive solution that allows a visitor to dynamically create their own 'Swatchbooks' on the fly, so combinations of interest can be sent to TableToppers. The site was entirely wireframed and complete Project Definition completed for this website in front of development. It is a perfect example of how important it is to do great user experience before beginning actual site development.

The Technology

Operating System: Windows Server 2008
Web Server: IIS 7.0
CMS: DNN Evoq Platform
Other: PackFlash Publshing module, with customized use of the WebAPI Database: MSSQL Server 2008

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