Technology is used in everything that we do. Because of this, BlueBolt believes in using the right tool for the right job and we seek out the very best software to allow us to be successful. This effort to find the best means we have a stable of technology solutions carefully vetted by our technical experts. Our discovery process highlights this with approach with our consultants working with the client to determine requirements and matching up the appropriate technology based on the needs. We do our very best to remain agnostic to the selection of technology within the chosen technologies and vendors.

Technology Services Include:

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • CMS Delivery (Episerver, DNN, Umbraco)

  • System Integration (ERP, PIM, CMS, Custom Database, LMS, AMS)

  • Intricate Ecommerce for B2B and B2C (Episerver, Shopify Plus)

Goals and Outcomes:

  • Future-proofing to allow management to make confident decision

  • Scalability to make sure the technology can handle business growth

  • Security to protect data and assets

  • Performance to provide user experiences that excel