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Email marketing has become one of the most efficient ways of generating leads and nurturing them down the sales funnel in order for them to make a purchase. It is important to build a quality email marketing list that allows you to maintain contact with potential leads and build strong relationships with them.

With a quality email list, you can design targeted and branded email messages that will appeal to your audience. In addition, prospects that subscribe to your emails immediately become targets for nurturing. You will thereafter be able to send them personalized, relevant and helpful content that will make them more likely to become your customers.

There are several important factors to consider when building a quality email marketing list. This article will explore the top ways of building a quality email marketing list, and why such a list is important for your business.

Building a Quality Email Marketing List

There are several top methods that you can implement in order to build a quality email list. Each of these activities is centered around optimizing your website, social media and other online platforms in order to attract the attention of prospects and to compel them to willingly sign up to your email list. In addition, because 22.5% of your email database is degraded every year (due to email changes and unsubscribing), it is important to continuously generate new email contacts for your marketing campaigns. Here’s how.

Quantity vs. Quality

Many people seem to think that the more emails in your list, the higher likelihood of generating value from it. However, the quality of your leads is also an important factor to consider. An email list filled with inactive or irrelevant email addresses does not help your email marketing campaign.

It is advisable to start slowly with a smaller email list and build on it over time with quality leads that will make your business grow. This way, not only will you end up with a large list, but it will be of high quality as well.

Increase the Visibility of your Sign-up Forms

Your email sign up forms are the primary means through which you can get new subscribers to your email list. You should always put your forms on your site where visitors can easily see them. There is always competition between either putting social media icons or sign-up forms on your web pages.

Social media subscriptions are managed by the site owners such as Facebook or Twitter. Your email list, on the other hand, is yours and you get full control over how to use it. Therefore, sign up forms placed strategically on your web pages, such as at the top or along the side panels, increases the likelihood of visitors seeing your calls-to-action and subscribing to your email list.

Include Value for your Prospects in the Email Sign up

Customers want to know how they will benefit from giving up their email to your business. It should not be a one-way street where you expect your prospects to provide information, yet you are not providing any value in return. In other words, you should make it worthwhile for people to subscribe to your email list.

One way to achieve this is to have great content on your website and in your blogs, which will make your target audience desire to get more. This will compel them to willingly provide their email addresses in exchange for great content.

Another way is to offer a valuable white paper (a report or guide that looks into a specific issue) in exchange for people’s email addresses. The customers benefit from learning more about the subject matter that your white paper addresses, and you benefit from building up your email list and possible leads for nurturing.

Engage your Subscribers

Another way of building your email list is to engage your subscribers in an activity that they find attractive and entertaining. You could design a contest where people can sign up to be a part of by providing their email address. You can then provide an incentive for their participation by offering a prize to the winner.

Contests can take the form of trivia questions, users submitting content for people to vote for, among others. The key is to create an engaging experience for your subscribers so as to make them participate and provide their email addresses to build your list.

Create Outstanding Content

Customers are increasingly searching for answers to their problems online. When you create outstanding content that the customer finds relevant and helpful, they will increasingly turn to your for solutions to their problems.

This is an excellent opportunity to have them willingly provide their email addresses in exchange for more of your content. In addition, great content is often shared by your prospects to friends and family, which presents additional opportunities for the growth of your email list.

Pay for Traffic

Buying traffic will deliver immediate visitors, allowing you to test your option form and build your list. The key to making paid traffic work is to develop a sale’s funnel that ensures each visitor will deliver a profit when looked at collectively. You may not make much income immediately, but the lifetime value of a subscriber should provide a high ROI. Facebook is one of the most popular platforms, offering detailed targeting at reasonable costs. Google can be used to target specific keywords or niche websites, while Bing can also deliver consistent traffic. If you find your ad spend is providing subscribers with a positive return, consider scaling campaigns across sites like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, BuySellAds, and Ad Roll.

Use your Current Subscribers to Grow

Take advantage of new interactive email designs and templates to make your current subscribers do some of the work for you. For example, you can incorporate buttons that allow your current subscribers to email to their friends the content that you send to them.

These forwarded emails to friends and family can also include calls-to-action somewhere within the email in order to easily allow the new recipients to opt-in to your email list.

Keep Existing Members Happy

Ideas for building an ever-growing email list rightly receive a lot of attention, but all this effort is pointless if existing users drain away as fast as new ones are added. Make sure your emails are genuinely valuable, and that you don't step over the line into spamming your list. Don't feel like you have to send out a broadcast for the sake of it, just because your timetable requires it, as there is no surer way of driving subscribers away than wasting their time and attention.

Leverage Social Media

You can use the networking potential of social media to grow your email list. One way to achieve this is to promote an offer or coupon on Facebook or Twitter that requires people to provide an email address in order to redeem it. Through social media, you’ll be able to increase the outreach of your promotion offer while giving subscribers value in return for their email addresses.

The links that you attach to your promotions should lead subscribers to landing pages that are branded with your company image and properly embedded with email sign up forms in order to attract more subscribers to your email list.

Utilize the right Monitoring Tools

Monitoring how your existing emails are being received and identifying areas of improvement is one of the most effective ways of building your email list. Closely monitor different aspects of your emails, such as delivery rates, as well as open, share, forward and unsubscribe rates.

With this background data serving as a reference point, you can now begin to experiment with new subject lines, variations of content, images, templates and other interactive designs.  With each new design that you implement, track its effectiveness and eventually settle on a framework that provides the most promising results.

Vary your Subscription Types

Your email sign up forms should include multiple subscription types that customers can select when they consider signing up to your email list. These different subscription types should be created according to where customers are likely to fall in the buying cycle. Segmenting your subscribers into different categories allows you to create more targeted content that will appeal more specifically to each group, depending on their level of interest.

Customers are more likely to engage with emails that have content that they find relevant to them, therefore making it necessary to develop more targeted content for each type of subscriber.

Publish an email Newsletter

A newsletter delivered via email is a great way to grow your email list, build long-lasting relationships with your customers, and promote your brand. Through newsletters, you are able to interact more intimately with potential leads and provide them with plenty of relevant and helpful content.

Newsletters also lead to a higher number of customer referrals through the sharing of your content and the improved visibility of your brand. All these factors make a well-prepared regular newsletter delivered to your target audience a great asset for growing your email-marketing list.

The Importance of an Email Marketing List

Having explored various ways through which you can build a quality email list, we can now analyze the importance of such a list for your company. A quality email list has numerous advantages for your business. Some of these are outlined below.

It is an Asset for Lead Nurturing

An email list is your company’s most effective asset for lead nurturing. Lead nurturing occurs in 3 main ways; through your branded website, social media and via your email list. Of these 3 methods, your email-marketing list is the most effective platform through which you can nurture your leads. This is because it allows you to design targeted emails that are relevant and helpful to your audience.

In addition, you can identify where your leads are located in the buying cycle and design your emails with content that corresponds to where they are located within this cycle. This ensures that you are constantly targeting your leads with attractive email content that will increase brand awareness, maintain strong relationships and make your leads more likely to make large timely purchases.

They Present Additional Revenue Opportunities

A quality email list can present additional revenue opportunities for your business. You can use your list to sell advertising space to other companies because you have all the contacts that other business would like to reach out to.

In addition, you can send sponsored emails on behalf of other advertisers who are seeking increased outreach. Your email list acts as a marketing weapon that many other businesses will be envious of and be willing to pay to get access to.

Greater Visibility

A quality email list provides increased visibility of your marketing activities and how effective they are. You can be able to measure the success rate of your email marketing campaigns by measuring the response rate to your emails.

In this way, you can constantly identify and implement areas of improvement such as creating more relevant content for your audience or better determining where your leads are located in the buying cycle.

It acts as a Company Asset

A quality email list is a company asset that increases the overall value of your company. Because such a list is an asset for maximizing customer value and increasing sales, it can increase your company’s valuation if you decide to sell it.

The prospective buyer will view your email list as an asset for quickly maintaining customer relationships and brand awareness regardless of the change in ownership.

In conclusion, building a quality email list involves developing a deep understanding of your target audience and developing content that they find relevant and helpful. It also involves creating value for your subscribers, which will make them more likely to provide you with their email addresses. These practices will ensure that you not only gain more email subscribers but higher quality subscribers as well.