This is another great open-source option for the Microsoft stack. Our developers love Umbraco because it is a very lightweight platform, and the process of developing and extending for this CMS is very similar to "standard" ASP.NET development. We have found Umbraco to be incredibly speedy, and we think that this is an excellent option for organizations who are considering their first CMS, or whose CMS needs don't stray too far beyond "core" content management activities.

Points to keep in mind:

  • Umbraco has a free open source version, and some modestly priced commercial options that improve upon the core feature set.
  • The architecture makes it very easy for developers to extend Umbraco and be productive with very little training (assuming that they are knowledgeable regarding ASP.NET development practices).
  • Umbraco does a great job of providing core content management features without a lot of bells and whistles.
  • Umbraco has both an on-premise option where it can be hosted on internal servers, but it also has a fully-operational cloud-based option with a true staging/development server structure.

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